How To Make Your Paper Stand Out – A Dissertation Writing Guide

You’re probably wondering whether it is possible to improve on your dissertation writing skills. Maybe you’ve worked so hard in the past but haven’t been able to improve on your grades. So, what can you do to make your paper stand out?

Well, there are several ways of improving your dissertations. Here are 7 tips and tricks that you can implement right away;

  1. Choose an interesting topic
  2. You might have already heard about this elsewhere. The difference this time is that you don’t have to make it interesting to your instructor. Instead, choose a topic that excites you; one that you feel so eager to work on.

  3. Collect a handful of important yet exciting facts about the topic
  4. Hard facts are what dissertations exciting. When you can back up your statements with figures, even your professor/instructor will get bit excited.

  5. Choose your side of the story
  6. Once you’ve chosen a topic and noted down a few interesting facts that you’d want to cover, the next step is to choose which side of the story you want to take. Remember that it is very difficult to be a proponent of both sides and still come out the winner. Even if you decide to cover both sides, you will still need to show favor for one side.

  7. Stick to your argument
  8. The reason so many students fail to write impressive dissertations is because they tend to jump from one side to another. Once you’ve chosen a side, stick to it and find enough points to support it.

  9. Cite credible sources
  10. Many times you hear lecturers and instructors mentioning that you cannot cite Wikipedia as a resource. The reason is that it is very easy for just about anyone to alter the contents of a Wikipedia page. You need to cite credible sources such as the website of a university or that of a national museum alongside books written by recognized figures.

  11. Less opinion, more facts
  12. As already mentioned, you need fewer opinions and more facts. This requires that you conduct a thorough research and uncover important and intriguing facts that can help to prove your case.

  13. Cite all sources properly
  14. Citation is very important in dissertation writing. Without proper citation, you will not score the high marks you crave because citation is usually part of the test. If you have problems with citation, you can visit this company to learn more.