A List Of Good Dissertation Topics In Engineering

A particular type of academic assignment or paperwork or a dissertation requires that students or assignees will generate specific topics for themselves, make plans and execute some projects after investigating those topics. Finally, the assignees will have to write all their activities and findings regarding the topics. Being a crucial branch of scientific study, engineering studies involve a broad range of topics which may be relevant or challenging for students as they create their dissertations with them.

Here are top fifteen topics which students or learners who are studying engineering will find helpful when they need to pick up a topic:

  • A comparative study between the advantages and disadvantages of UPHES and PHES.
  • A case study on the aftermaths of subsidies on Spain’s Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) plants.
  • An overview of the fault protection strategies for a Direct Current (DC) marine power system.
  • The use of Effects Analysis and Failure Mode for electrical systems used in shipping projects: An essential tool or just ticking boxes?
  • A critical study of a well-designed power management system used for a wind power system in a US state.
  • A critical review of the progress of guiding principles relevant in sustainable engineering.
  • International Professional Engineer or IntPE qualification’s uptake rate: An overview of the 21st Century.
  • A critical evaluation of NEXUS, a biometric iris recognition system that has been applied at Washington State Border or the British Columbia.
  • An overview of the development of effective mechanisms used for eliminating pollutants and toxins from water: The widespread use of polymeric hybrid and polymer-based absorbents.
  • Tunnel construction trends within the field of civil engineering: A case study on the Hindhead tunnel.
  • A thorough evaluation of the existing overpass structural integrity in Washington D.C.
  • A critical evaluation of the use of a plasticity model to analyze the effectiveness of earthquake soil liquefaction.
  • The technical significance of various quality assurance procedures: A case study on a coal mine’s roof bolts.
  • A technical evaluation of how much valid it is to test the Rolls Royce ‘eco-friendly engine’.
  • The various stages of refinements followed in the manufacturing process of moulded optical glass lenses.

What are the important stages a dissertation involves?

Typically, the creation of a dissertation starts with the choice of a topic and development of a specific and detail-oriented research question. The assignees need to create plans or outlines which they will follow in order to conduct the research. They should also stay organized and use methodical steps while conducting their research works. Finally, they should report the research and write everything maintaining specific guidelines.