5 Places To Get A Top-Quality History Dissertation Example

Sometimes the absolute best way to get a sense for how to write a dissertation is to read another example. These give you a great idea of the sort of style, format, tone and content you should be aiming for with your own work. However, sometimes samples can be difficult to come across, especially if you need a top-quality one. Below, therefore, are 5 of the best places to find history dissertation examples.

  1. Classmates
  2. All or some of your fellow classmates are presumably writing their history dissertations at the same time as you. Therefore, they will either have their own work to share (should they be so kind) or they may well have examples from other people, perhaps older brothers or sisters or friends. It is always worth asking whether you could look at the samples they are using. The worse they can say is no!

  3. Other students
  4. If there are very few others students in your own class or you are finding it difficult to find people who have examples of their own to share with you, then you need to broaden your search. Try looking online on forums. There are plenty of these dedicated to all sorts of subjects, so you should have no trouble finding one.

  5. University homepage
  6. Your university should offer some sort of free sample for you to take inspiration from. Search either on the main university site or on departmental sites, where the examples will be more relevant to your particular subject area.

  7. Google
  8. If all the above suggestions fail, then Google is the next, almost-completely-foolproof solution to finding top-quality history dissertation samples. You need to make sure that you are entering search terms that are broad enough to get enough results for you to have a choice. Remember to change your search terms a couple of times in order to find the largest number of relevant results possible.

  9. Google Scholar
  10. Google Scholar is, perhaps, even better than Google, although it is always worth searching both. Basically, Google Scholar will bring up particularly academic articles and pieces of writing, whereas just Google will give you more choice, but these choices won’t necessarily all be relevant to what you are looking for. Remember when searching Google Scholar to include search terms such as ‘pdf’, which will find you examples that are easy to download and that are trustworthy.