How To Write A Dissertation Problem Statement In 4 Steps

The most important sentence of your dissertation is your problem statement. It is much like a thesis statement in an essay. It is where you state the problem that needs to be solved. It should be well-articulated and developed after careful consideration of the facts. It is so important because it is the foundation for your entire paper. It is what you will aim to understand and answer.

It is so important to the overall success of the paper that you write an effective problem statement. This statement describes an issue that needs to have a solution found for it.

  1. Results if a solution is found
  2. What differences would occur if the problem was solved? Determine what changes would occur if the problem that you are writing your paper on was solved. This gives the reader an idea of your purpose and goal for solving the problem.

  3. Describing the problem
  4. The next section of the problem statement will least the actual problem that you are trying to solve. It should refer to specific issues and not a lack of something.

  5. Process of solving the problem
  6. You will then need to talk about the process that will solve the issue. What will need to be done to solve the issue?

  7. Finding the five W’s
  8. The next step is to determine the five W’s. It refers to who, what, where, when, and why. You need to determine the important information behind the issue. Determine who is involved or who it relates to. What is the issue? Where has the issue occurred? When has it occurred? Why has it occurred?

    Expand on these questions as well. You can ask yourself who it affects, what has occurred as a result? When it needs to be solved? What impact it has? Why it is a good issue to fix? You should come up with a whole list of questions that you will work to answer. It is the best way to ensure that you write a solid paper that answers the many questions that your reader’s would have.

Your dissertation is very important and if you complete this section properly, you will be off to a really great start. The more you put into the planning stages of your paper, the easier it will be to write later on and the better it will be. If you need expert assistance, feel free to contact dissertation writing services.