Where Can I Find A Good Dissertation Proposal Sample

If you are tasked with writing your dissertation proposal you know that there is a great deal of pressure riding on your ability to get your proposal approved. The dissertation can be a very challenging piece of writing due primarily to the fact that most people have never written one before let alone written the proposal required in the preliminary process. Just because you were unfamiliar with the requirements does not mean that you have to struggle alone. One of the best things you can do for yourself when trying to draft your dissertation proposal is to find a sample. A dissertation sample will give you a great deal of insight into how you are to prepare the proposal, what elements you have to include, and how it should appear. A great deal of emphasis is placed on the actual format you use, something which is individual to almost every university. That is why it is imperative that you search for sample through your academic institution before turning anywhere else.

  • If you are searching for an example, the first place you should turn is your academic advisor. When you begin the process of writing your dissertation he will be given an advisor was there to help you along the way. You can turn to your divisor when you need assistance with the sample search. If they are unable to help you procure a sample, you might be able to look in other areas of your academic institution.
  • You can try heading to your academic institutions library. Whenever a student publishes a dissertation there is a copy of it maintained in the school records which are held in the library. Some academic institutions will maintain a published copy which is stored inside the library stacks while others may only maintain an electronic copy. Whichever is available to you will be of benefit. If you only have a tangible copy make sure that you photocopy the pages that you need and take them home with you. If there is no opportunity for photocopying you can always scan the pages and email them to yourself so that you have an electronic copy on file.
  • If you're unable to find what you need on the library website or in the actual library you can always turn to librarian. They may be able to provide you additional assistance in procuring the appropriate sample.