A Comprehensive APA Dissertation Style Writing Guide For College Students

There are many different types of citation styles of writing that allow conformity for college students when they write their dissertations for different subjects in college. Usually professors who teach the social and behavioral sciences require their dissertations to be written in the APA style. When professors recommend a particular style it makes it easier for them to find things in the many different papers they read through. Here are some rules that apply to the APA citation style formatting:

  • A Title Page is recommended with this style of writing. Using this page makes the paper look more professional and includes just a few items including the title of the paper, your name and the name of the school you are enrolled in and doing the paper for. Everything should be centered in the center of the page and double spaced between each line
  • The normal font size for this style is 12 point and the suggested style is Times New Roman
  • The entire paper should be double spaced
  • Usually the Abstract comes after the Title Page- This is a little blurb which is usually around 150 words and indicates your thesis statement, what the results of your study was and what your conclusions are. This is difficult to put into so few words but it is necessary so people know what to expect and whether they want to read the entire dissertation. It is extremely important for this reason so take some time when you are writing this
  • After the Abstract comes the Introduction
  • After the Introduction is where you indicate our results of your experiments and your methods that were used to achieve those results. This is the area where you give your results in detail. You can put all of your graphs and tables here to make things easier to explain your results.
  • This is also the area that is most important because you can elaborate on your successes and explain the importance of your results. This is what you should be most excited about and the most important part of your paper so make the best of it.
  • You would put your Reference list next. It is best to use software they have available to make things much easier and they won’t take long to complete.
  • After the reference list you can put an Appendices if you have one which is where extra tables and other data goes that is too long to go in the middle of your work.

If you want more specific information on formatting for this style of writing, visit this website.