The Easiest Way To Complete A Qualitative Dissertation: Academic Guidelines

A qualitative dissertation is a dissertation that is based on research done by the writer. There are many kinds of qualitative dissertations that you can do but they all have the same set up.

How To Write Your Qualitative Dissertation

  • The first chapter of your qualitative dissertation is the introduction to the subject. You want to give all of the background to the problem and tell the reader about the problem. You also want to tell them the purpose, research questions, and why this is important. Then you need to define all of the terms and tell them about all of the limitations you came across during your research.
  • Chapter two is your literature review, unlike other dissertations; the literature review is done after all of the data is collected in your experiment.
  • Chapter three is all about your research methods. You want to use the qualitative paradigm and methods your used. You need to tell them your role in the research. Let them know about all of the data collected, analyzed, and the sources of the data. Basically, you want to tell all of the methods you use, it doesn’t matter if they succeeded or failed.
  • Chapter four is on the findings that you came up with during your research. You don’t want to leave anything out. Tell them about all of the findings and explain a little about them. You don’t want to give too much away until the next chapter.
  • The last chapter is the conclusion. In this chapter, you will make a summary of all that you did for your dissertation and conclude it. You also want to have a discussion about your findings in details and explain why you got those kinds of findings. You also need to outline any future research you think should be done on the subject or research that you plan on doing in the future.

A qualitative dissertation take more time than a normal dissertation because it requires you to do hands on research and not just research that you can find online or in books. You have to say on track when you do this kind of dissertation because one set back could ruin your entire dissertation. Make sure when you are working on your research that you take very detailed notes because that will make writing up your dissertation later a whole lot easier.