Must-Know Rules Of Writing An APA Style Dissertation

The American Psychological Association is the source for the APA style used in dissertations. The format is intended for publication of the work, and has to be strictly followed. Failure to do so can result in your dissertation being handed back to you for revision. There are some of the rules that you must follow in order to do the right job.

  • The Abstract. This should be no more than 250 words and gives a brief description of your dissertation. It should be no more than one paragraph without any indentation.
  • The Writing Style. This deals primarily with the verb tense you must use in the APA style (Present most often). Your work is a scholarly piece and must be clear. Objective writing is expected, and you can forget about creative writing styles. Objective facts and information are what is expected from you.
  • Formatting Pages. Depends on the section of the dissertation, but APA style expects certain types of editing and formatting.
  • References. References area requires double spacing and exact following of the APA format.

This is all very exacting work and you may find yourself grinding your teeth over the whole affair. It becomes a real problem if you happen to be unfamiliar with English grammar in general. This is something that’s common not only with foreign students, but anyone who is more in tune with science and mathematics. Writing in general for these people can be extremely difficult. What hangs over everything is the possibility of the dissertation being rejected for not adhering to the APA format. You’ll have to go back and fix things and that is going to take precious time you may not have. It is a situation where third-party professionals can be of tremendous service. Do not hesitate to use these outside sources when it comes to the formatting.

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