I Want To Know How To Write My Dissertation Properly

Writing a dissertation for your degree is stressful but if you follow all of these steps, writing one won’t be so hard.

How To Write A Proper Dissertation

  • You first want to decide what topic you want your dissertation to be on. It has to deal with your field of study and here are some other things you want to take into consideration. Like whether you will be publishing it or if you have present it at a conference. Does this topic prepare you for your job after school? Is the topic beneficial to your field of study? Think about all that you did during your custom coursework and pick something that you are really passionate about.
  • Start to do your literature review for your dissertation. This is all of the material that you can find on your topic that has been done before and you want to take you topic in a different way.
  • Write your dissertation proposal. Your first few pages should be the introduction and explain what you want to do your dissertation on. The next ten or so pages is your literature review. Then you tell them what you are proposing to do with your dissertation and then them the methodology that you will be using. And then reference all of the sources you used. Then you will be told if your proposal is approved.
  • If your dissertation is approved then you can write your dissertation. The first chapter of your dissertation will be about five to ten pages and will be a introduction of the topic, literature review, methods and research questions.
  • The next chapter will be a little bit long about fifteen to twenty pages and here is where you tell them all about the literature review and all the information that they will need to know to follow your methodology and analysis.
  • Chapter three is all of the data that you collected during your study and is about five to ten pages. You want to include everything that you did to get the answers that you will be giving in the next chapter.
  • The fourth chapter will give a detailed analysis of all the data that came from the research you did. This is the longest chapter and is usually around twenty five to forty pages.
  • The last chapter will be the conclusion, which is again about five to ten pages long and will be a well developed exploration of everything that you just went over.