How To Compose A Dissertation Cover Page Properly: Formatting Advice

Following dissertation formatting guidelines will help you ensure your paper not only looks good but also catches the reader’s attention. Though specific formatting will vary depending on your college requirements, there are some basic formatting guidelines that will help make sure you are properly formatting your title page.

Sponsoring Committee

The sponsoring committee should be at the top center of the title page. Here are some guidelines for formatting the sponsoring committee wording:

  • Center the sponsoring committee based on the longest line first.
  • Keep Chairperson in the first line unless it intrudes into the margins.
  • If you have to place Chairperson on the next line, then indent it ¼ inches beyond the word professor.
  • Make sure to align the remaining professors on one top of the line.

Title of the Paper

Here are some formatting guidelines for the title of your paper.

  • Your title must include the words “An Abstract of” or “A Proposal for” with no brackets above the title of the paper.
  • The title must be typed in all capital letters in inverted pyramid form in the middle of the page.
  • Place your name about 5.5 inches from the top edge of the page with three blank lines between it and the title above it.
  • Underneath your name, you will need to type the official name of your program as well as your department.
  • The centered text should be centered exactly between the margins of the paper which are a half an inch to the left and a half an edge to the right.

Bottom of the Title Page

The bottom center of the page contains miscellaneous information such as your degree and program.

  • You must enter this information with your graduation year, appropriate degree, and the college you are attending.
  • It must first start out with the words “submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of…”


These are just some of the basic guidelines when it comes to creating a title page for your dissertation. You can find title page samples online and from your professors. You can go to your school and local library to find examples of other title pages and papers.

Ask your professor for your specific college guidelines so you can ensure that the title page for your paper meets all of the requirements provided your college. Follow these guidelines and make sure you use proper indentation.