5 Outstanding Criminology Dissertation Ideas To Help You Impress Your Reader

There are many criminology dissertation topics but in this article we are setting out to find those which are unusual, which gives you a head start in trying to impress your readers, well, one reader in particular - your examiner.

What makes a dissertation idea outstanding? Well it will be unusual possibly even unique. But here we need to stop a moment and think. Finding a unique topic could be difficult. But finding a unique approach to an interesting idea is not so hard. Think about that. Perhaps spend less time looking for something highly unusual and concentrate on a brilliant and interesting approach to your dissertation idea.

Always discuss the idea with your lecturer, professor or supervisor. No matter how outstanding you might rate the idea, someone with a lot more experience than you might think otherwise. Getting early approval is important for all students. So here are five ideas which you can think about. If one appeals, think of ways to improve upon it or for that brilliant approach with which to tackle the topic.

  1. Criminals in jails should be given more rights including the right to vote.
  2. Crime in certain cities involves people of a certain ethnic background.
  3. How to change the probation system in order to keep prisoners out of jail.
  4. How foreign students are the victims of race crimes.
  5. Attitudes towards punishment for people who commit street crime whilst being homeless and poor.

As is so often discussed, the choice of topic or main idea should always be influenced by your interest in the subject, perhaps some prior knowledge or desire to study the topic in more detail in the future.

One important aspect of brilliant ideas for dissertation topics is the relevance of the topic today and particularly in your region or area. You need a great deal of solid research material and being able to access quality data easily certainly helps in your quest to produce an outstanding dissertation.

Remember an idea which is good but which does not necessarily appeal to you can be used as a topic when brainstorming. If the general idea appeals then look for a variation of that theme by brainstorming the topic. You can always benefit from another pair of hands or in this case minds so consider brainstorming with others who know the subject or have ideas to contribute.