5 Things You Should Know About PhD Dissertation Evaluation

Presenting your dissertation is a critical issue in your education and you want to be sure that everything goes as planned. After months of hard work and research you finally finished and now your professors have to evaluate it. For many students, this is the most scary moment; they think that the professors will give them a bad grade and all their effort will be in vain. Before worrying too much, take a look at these 5 secrets:

  1. Your professors are not there to make you fail. Yes, they might seem severe and very serious while talking with you but this is only because they have to make sure that you are a good student. They appreciate all your effort and they will not search for mistakes. This means that you can calm down and not see them as bad persons.
  2. Your attitude matters more than you think. Before they evaluate the project you will have to defend the dissertation in front of them. If you are scared and hesitate all the time they will think that you are not well prepared. This will make them more severe when they verify your content and they might find mistakes they would not notice otherwise. Keep a smile on your face all the time and behave like you know that you did a great job.
  3. A few pictures can change everything. Many students submit huge projects with dozens of pages and quotes. Even if this is appreciated, the professors can get bored while reading or they can not understand a certain idea. If you introduce some pictures they will evaluate your composition with pleasure, and you have a good chance to get high marks.
  4. Don’t expect it to be ready in a few hours. If you submitted the project today, it might take weeks before you know the result. Teachers have to read and verify dozens of projects, not only yours so you can’t expect it to be ready in the same day.
  5. If you have a complaint, be polite. Let’s say that your professor gave you small marks and you think you deserve more. Don’t start fighting with people or making complaints against the school. It is enough to go to your professor and tell him your concern; he will agree to read your text again and reconsider the grade.