WW2 Dissertation Ideas: 8 Topics That Are Worth Writing About

If you are looking for WW2 dissertation ideas, consider the following:

  1. Write about a specific economy which was affected by the war
  2. Review how the Nazi occupation of Norway influenced dietary habits, and how certain cancers were entirely alleviated from the population after they switched to a plant based diet that had no proteins gained from animal products
  3. Review a particular leader and their influence on the outcomes of the war
  4. Write about the gender roles which were created during the war, and how the war changed gender roles thereafter in a particular country
  5. Review the manner through which propaganda was used to cultivate nationalism
  6. Write about the influence that the propaganda committee in America had on the nation’s feelings toward the war effort
  7. Review the impact that the war had on research and development
  8. Write about the way that a tangible common enemy garnered support for the war, compared to now when it is a faceless battle


Brainstorming is a great way for students to get ideas onto paper. Seeing your ideas on paper is often what starts the writing process. You might be hesitant to begin, but if you just write down potential topics, you will be able to get something onto paper, and soon enough the ideas will flow. Brainstorming is often an effective tool after a topic has been selected, but it can also help you to pick a good topic. Brainstorming using free write sessions require you to set an alarm for a set period of time, often no more than five or ten minutes. During that time you are to keep your pen to the paper, or just continually type. The purpose of this process is to allow your mind to clear everything onto the page in front of you and to make room for the other ideas you might have for potential topics. If you use this tool you will soon find that when you review the information you wrote down, you might find a handful of potential topics from which to choose. You might even detect a pattern or some level of consistency in what you wrote, and that might very well be the subject for your next paper. If something stands out in your mind more than others, it might be the perfect topic to pursue.