Quantitative Dissertation Examples: How To Find Those Quickly

There are different types of dissertation research questions that can be used in writing the composition. One of these styles is called quantitative. Within this style, there are three types of research questions: the descriptive, comparative, or the relationship. You should then choose the desired style, identify the selected variables, chose the structure for your chosen question, and then write out the issue in a form of an appropriate academic question. As you move towards using this type of project, follow our four easy steps for finding desirable examples.

How to Find Samples Quickly

  1. Talk to your advisor- you have a faculty advisor for a valid reason. This important advisor will be guiding you through this entire process. He or she will have samples for you to use and to model as you work on this important piece. This person is the expert; so make regular appointments as you complete this process. It is important to keep in close touch with your faculty representative.
  2. Interview your peers and experts-if you talk to the experts and peers in your field of study, you will find that they will be willing to leave you a trail that then leads to models and samples. Use this valuable information to your advantage as you work on this important task.
  3. Look online –it is important to remember that anyone can post on the Internet. As you look for pieces to review, you need to keep your standards high. If you have to pay to get quality, then do so. Mirroring after a poor quality project will not benefit you in any way at all. Use online services, but move smartly as you do so. If you cannot verify the qualifications or credibility of the author of any information, do not use that data.
  4. Hire a writing company or a dissertation tutor-there is no shame in hiring a professional for help. Not every one can write, nor does everyone have the time to compose. However, do not forget that the tutor or the company can also help you locate needed samples, proof read, edit, research, write, pre-write, outline, or finalize your piece.

Using the quantitative research question style for your dissertation will require hard work and effort. As you work on the most important paper in your academic career, use our tips on finding samples quickly.