Completing A Dissertation Proposal In Computer Science


A dissertation proposal is a statement of intention by a graduate student to start their dissertation project work. It is normally a content outline of about 20-40 pages of researched content that is to be presented to a certain committee for approval. On the other hand, computer science is a wide subject that needs a lot of details on technology. The sources of information that you use for your research on computer science determines the likelihood of your dissertation proposal being accepted or not. The following are some parts that you can consider including:

  1. Introduction, abstract
  2. The Introduction paragraph of your dissertation proposal commences with a summary of detailed information on computer science and other related subjects. This is based on the depth of content that you obtain from the sources of research. It gives the committee an overview of the entire work that you are intending to present. The introduction starts from general to the specific topic of discussion. It should be clearly written and properly stated.

  3. Abstract
  4. This is a short paragraph that puts across the problem at hand, identifies the issue of computer science that is to be explored and explains to the committee the importance of discussing it. Although it is normally just 200 words in length, it is an important bit that we can hardly do without. It gives a basis of developing the entire proposal.

  5. Concept
  6. The concept part is paramount to the hypothesis. It is the bit in which you put across all the factors that will affect your outcome in computer science. You also give your terms and measures in your project as well as your results expectations.

  7. Methodology
  8. At this part, you are supposed to tell the committee how you will be carrying out your research on computer science. You also give explanations of the reasons why you will be using certain methods for your research. In other words, you are attempting to defend your theory on the subject.

  9. Bibliography
  10. In this part of your proposal, you are required to site all the sources of computer science that you used. This is a way of proving to the committee that you have a good command on the subject based on the reliable sources of information that you used. It is considered a super important part as it tells the committee the extent to which you have researched.

  11. Appendices
  12. This is the part where you include other crucial parts that you may want to include in your research work. These may mean graphs, lines, questionnaires and any other thing that may be of use in the proposal.

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