How To Find Dissertation Literature Review Examples: Effective Tips

Join forums and Q & A websites

If you need help with a dissertation literature review, then it can be a good idea to join relevant forums and question-and-answer websites. If someone else has read the book that you are meant to be reviewing, then they may be able to give personal insights and analysis that could help you with your own review. Equally, they may have previous examples that they’ve written that they would be willing to share with you.

Focusing searches based on specific authors

If you’re using a search engine to try and find literature review examples, then it can be a good idea to narrow your search to specific authors. Essentially, anything that you can do to narrow your search to the most relevant information will ultimately save you time and make your life easier.

Widening searches to cover whole genres

On the other hand, whilst you may be looking for reviews of particular authors, it may also be useful to look for literature reviews based on a particular genre. The reason this can be useful is that you may have comparisons between two literary works, including the one which you are reviewing.

Alternatively, you may find a good literature review that you can refer to in your own dissertation. Ultimately, the more knowledge you have on the subject, the easier it can be to write your own work.

Looking on free essay samples sites

Free essay sample websites are a good place to find dissertations, as well as papers for all levels of the educational system. One of the main advantages is that the work is available for free; however, this can sometimes mean that the quality of the work is questionable. Furthermore, if you were to borrow any ideas from any of the papers that you find, then you put yourself at risk of being caught out for plagiarism. Therefore, it is always best to keep in mind the risks associated with copying other people’s work and the need to make citations when necessary.

Contacting professional essay writers

An excellent place to look for examples of papers is by contacting professional writers. There are many services available on the Internet, offering everything from editing and proofreading, to samples of previously written work, to bespoke essay writing. As a result, if you are happy to pay for a good literature review, then it can be worth using one of these writing teams.