The Top 10 Education Thesis Topics You Should Consider

Writing an education thesis is already difficult enough, but before you even begin you are challenged with coming up with a great topic upon which to base all of your research before earning your master’s degree. Here are some thesis topics you should consider for your work:

  1. Does pre-school education prepare students for the rigors of primary school?
  2. Many kids aren’t adequately prepared to start a full day’s worth of learning. And many have a hard time adjusting from the one level to the next.

  3. Has the Montessori education method improved pre-school education?
  4. The Montessori education method has gained steam in the last decade but there are still many critics of it. What can you say about it?

  5. Is there a greater advantage for students to attend pre-school between 18 and 24 months instead of at the traditional four years?
  6. Many believe that putting children in pre-school as early as 18 and 24 months helps develop social interaction and confidence, but does it translate to better grades in primary school?

  7. Is it a good idea to lower academic standards to allow students pass their classes instead of supporting students to meet current standards?
  8. Some schools are over-populated and as a result educators have been forced to lower academic standards in order to pass students and maintain a healthy population level in the classroom. What can you say about this?

  9. Is it a good idea to introduce money management techniques in primary school?
  10. With more young adults falling into unmanageable debt that proves debilitating for some, is it time to introduce education in finances as early as primary school?

  11. Is it better to have vocational training and apprenticeship programs in high schools?
  12. Many students to follow an academic career and instead find vocational jobs immediately after high school. Should education and training be something that schools take on in order to better prepare students for life after high school?

  13. Should standardized testing be completely eliminated from secondary schools?
  14. Many students come from schools and communities were a lack in resources greatly affects their abilities to do well on standardized tests. Should these tests be modified or eliminated completely?

  15. Should forced-retirement of older university professors be removed from policy?
  16. If university professors can still teach effectively should they be asked to retire to make room for younger professors with less experience?

  17. Should business management and administration courses focus more on entrepreneurship?
  18. Entrepreneurships center in many discussions of the modern world of business management. So why aren’t more courses focusing on this trend?

  19. Are teachers adequately equipped to educate the youth of today?
  20. It’s long been held that teachers are not adequately equipped to teach effectively, but is this a bigger problem today than it was a decade ago?