Linguistics Dissertation Ideas: 10 Areas To Explore

Writing is all about putting your ideas into text and when it comes to college writing, there are some rules that you should never throw to the wind. Dissertation writing has a long history in the field of academia and as it stands today, it has been widely used in putting together research findings of the day to help solve some real-time societal problems. In higher learning institutions, there are different fields of study in which a student is supposed to pursue based on his or her qualifications and linguistics in one of them. Fundamentally, the study of linguistics has been definitely a look into language and developments of the same. In the same breath, this study has been broadened to include media studies as well as a deeper and more comprehensive look into different cultural languages as well as origin of the same. Therefore, a student who is perhaps partaking of a term paper regarding this study, some of the things which you should know is that it is an area that is wide and so, coming up with a good topic would mean taking several days of researching and fact finding. The reason for this is because you could end up studying what has been since put into dissertation writing and get convicted on plagiarism. Let’s take a look at some ten areas in linguistics worth exploring.

  • There are many theories in linguistics and so being a student who is interested in digging deeply into the meaning and development of any particular one, this an area worth exploring and perhaps crafting a good term paper on.
  • Exploring the different tenets of grammar can also make a good area for study in which case you may choose to delve into issues like functional grammar, reference grammar and systematic functional grammar
  • Ethno linguistic identity is an area which has since been studies in numerous ways and forms but still, taking a twist of the same can never be a bad idea in which case you can try to relate the same with language development
  • Linguistics also delve into speed analysis and in this regard, rhetoric becomes something of central focus. In this regard, you can compare the differences in the use of metaphor to motivate crowds in different speeches President Obama delivered in his campaign
  • An investigation into linguistics tones and dialect and how the two often change
  • How accents have been used to stereotype based on skewed perceptions: A case study of communities and cultures
  • Investigation male communication style and changes in presence of ladies : A case study of Swearing