In Search Of A Dissertation Proposal Sample In Law

When you are approaching the dissertation phase of your educational career you can be happy to know that the end is in sight and you will soon have the opportunity to finish your degree. But prior to completing this hefty task you must complete the proposal and get your topic approved.

Without this key step you will be facing an insurmountable wall that blocks you from completing your degree!

But do not be concerned if you do not know how to compose this sales pitch for your topic, there are a variety of places you can look to find an example proposal for a law dissertation.

Search the internet and legal websites

You can find everything you could want on the internet and a sample law proposals are no exception. If you need to find a sample then start by doing an internet search on any of your favorite browsers and you will find a ranked list of results that will let you begin your search. Go through these sites and make sure to save the sites that are of value so that you can go back to them later.

Tip – Set up an extra folder that will allow you to go back and reference these samples later as you are putting together your own proposal.

School libraries and department resources

The next area that you should check for a good sample is to visit your school department resources or your university library. Both of these locations are there to aid the student in their studies and you will be happy at what you can find there. Additionally, when you use these examples you will know that they are a higher quality than what you may find on the internet as the school stands behind the information that they provide.

Tip – Talk with you department head to find the required formatting you must follow.

Past students and friends

One final resource that can be of assistance to you are past students and friends. Both of these resources can help you by showing what they have done for their dissertation proposal. Additionally, since these people have already gone through the entire process, they can provide valuable assistance and key tips you will want to know when you are developing and submitting a proposal for review.

No matter which route you take, each one of these resources will aid you in your search for an example.