How To Come Up With Outstanding Dissertation Topics: Tips & Examples

Coming up with a topic for your dissertation is probably the hardest part of writing. It is especially hard if you are aiming to do something “new”. Newness or novelty hardly exists. Most new ideas emerge from a combination of existing ideas and past work. Another goal dissertation writing scholars have is to work on a unique subject. That goal, like the novelty one, needs to be modified. Here are some top tips to help you come up with a great dissertation topic:

  1. “Future Research” sections of research articles: All studies and researches suggest future research. Going through academic journals and research databases to read articles and studies is a good way to find your research topic. This route will keep you focused on relevant, current, and required research in your field that can really make a difference.
  2. For coming up with “new” topics: Make your subject very specific and define a goal that no one has set before. For example, the discovery of the double helix of DNA was through research. Watson and Crick did not know what they would find, but their goal was one that was ambitious and unique. One thing you should keep in mind is that even if your novel goal is not part of the published research, there is every chance that others may be in the process of working on it.
  3. Novelty tip #2: Select a subject of your liking and develop a question that has not been answer. This means that you will be looking at a new problem regarding the subject by looking at it from another angle. Brainstorm a lot about a subject and your patience and effort will be rewarded.
  4. Third way: Another approach is to apply a different methodology to a question than was customarily done in the past works. New methods may give entirely new data, contradict previous research, or (oh boringly) confirm past researchers’ findings.

The one thing that will guarantee a good research and dissertation is your passion about the topic. So do not select a topic that just looks great AS A TOPIC. Pick or develop one that relates to your subject of interest. Remember, dissertation writing is a lengthy undertaking. You will be pulling your teeth in frustration anyway (even if you absolutely love your subject); do not make the prospect of misery a certainty by choosing the wrong topic!